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Lord Scratch - Scratching effect
Lord scratch is a sample scratching effect to be controlled by CC or the internal auto scratch feature.

The auto scratch part has lfo rate and a clock that syncs it. Default MIDI mappings are: Scratch CC20, Auto Scratch CC15, and Mix CC14.

An internal wav player continuously plays a 10 second snippet of one of my songs, it gets sampled, then you scratch the sample position.

A clock goes through a table of 128 fixed values, the first records the audio(heavily filtered & distorted) from the internal waveplayer, then it holds the sample for the duration of the remaining 127 values. I timed it, this process takes about one minute, the sampling part takes about one second or a bit less, so for every minute of use you actually have about 59 seconds of scratching potential, and the other second is silent.

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