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Matrix - 4 osc modular synth
Matrix is a singular modular synthesizer.
Every OSC, ADSR or LFO creates its own matrix. In the Routing-section you are able to link this matrixes together and to create a sound.

You are allowed to modulate the Frequency of the OSCs, the audio stream of your OCSs or only the ADSR output value.

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  V 1.0


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Feb 03 2016
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You can re-route the signal from pre-established models but you can't choose which modules compose the synth. EFM's Micromodular has similar characteristics for those who don't want to go all the way having to pick each module (Sonigen's & XSRDO being the best examples in this category to date) while possessing a more intuitive matrix to work with.
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May 27 2015
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thx Perfect
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