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Modern Deep Purple - Console EQ section
Modern Deep Purple is a classic console EQ section.
  • Signal In/Off switch
  • LCD display include
  • High-pass filter control (20 to 200 Hz)
  • Low-pass filter control (22 to 12 KHz)
  • 3 Band Program EQ (LF, MF, HF)
  • Gain, Freq, Q controls
  • Trim level control (-18 to +18 dB)

(1.3 Mb)


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May 24 2020
  5  / 5
Absolutely love this EQ.
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Jan 11 2019
  James Beavers
  5  / 5
I really like this. The more freebies I get, the more I wonder why I bother with paid EQs and channel strips from Waves. This is right up there; added that bigger-than-life touch to the tracks I used it on some Doors cover that I blasphemed and wrecked, lol. This seems to be an SSL clone, except without the confusing split-eq on top of an eq thing. Did I give it away that I'm a novice? Meh, Sid would do it. Same layout as the SSL channel Waves, Mr. Slate, and everyone else makes, but with a much cooler-looking skin. Antress are outrageously great and generous for giving this away. If it happens that I'm mistaken about the "identity" of this VST, I know it will outrage and offend the neo-hippies who were born 6 months ago that anything on the Net that's music gear-related is packed with.
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May 07 2015
  Viper ITB
  4  / 5
A very good analog type EQ.
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