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Music Box - 19th century instrument
Music Box is a 19th century automatic musical instrument.
  • Beautiful music box sound.
  • No parameters! Just a little toy.

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Jul 25 2018
  5  / 5
Muuito bom, som bem "real".
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Nov 24 2017
  3  / 5
What a lovely tone! Like grandma's youth. In my opinion it is DSK's best beside their acoustic guitars!
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Jul 07 2015
  cormac brenock
  5  / 5
It inspired me to compose straight away after install. I love the slight irregularities in timbre and pitch. I find it so natural unlike pitch perfect algorithmic reproductions. Love it . Thanks again you made the world a better place.
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Jan 13 2015
  E.P.D. Gaffney.
  5  / 5
About as good as you could want. You need to add your own reverb and there's no round robin, but it's free and it's great so I'm happy.
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Jun 10 2014
  double shot
  4  / 5
It would be great if there was transpose setting.
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Feb 13 2014
  2  / 5
this VST sounds good, and it looks pretty simple at first sight. But don't be fooled. This VST, while it does sound good, but beware! this thing is gonna eat your CPU. it's laggy as all holy hell. I tried playing a simple melody and BOOM; my computer is completely unresponsive and my FPS counter is sitting pretty at an even hundred. 2 for the sound because for the first few seconds it DIDN'T go nuts, it did sound great! DSK, FIX THIS VST!!!
Sept 20 2018
What DAW are you using?
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