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PULS - Monophonic pulse wave synth
PULS is a monophonic pulse wave synthesizer with simple controls but complex sounds.

From 2 pulse wave oscillators you can get chunky basses, scorching leads, retro chiptune, dusty lofi and oddball noises. With an unusual isometric pixel-art interface , what it lacks in knobs, it makes up for in sound.

It features custom pulse waveforms, unison, oscillator sync and ring modulation for some big ‘n’ dirty sound potential, with a tempo-sync LFO for pulse width modulation (PWM) as well as detune and volume modulation.
  • Monophonic pulse wave synthesizer.
  • 2 oscillators with custom pulse waveforms.
  • Adjustable Pulse width, modulated by LFO (per osc).
  • Unison per oscillator.
  • Oscillator sync and ring modulation between oscillators.
  • Adjustable non-linear Release.
  • Tempo-sync LFO with 4 waveforms with adjustable speed and depth.
  • Pulse width modulation per oscillator.
  • Detune and volume modulation.
  • Tempo-sync arpeggiator with 6 patterns.
  • Arp can cover 1 to 4 octaves, synced to host (1/32 beats to 4 beats).
  • Adjustable note length (0-100%).
  • 32 presets covering many styles.

(2.8 Mb)
  V 1.1


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Oct 04 2018
  5  / 5
It's very simple. Limited number of sounds. Binary switches. I like it though. I played around with this one years ago and forgot the name. I've spent a lot of time searching for this plugin, glad to finally find it again.
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May 23 2014
  ?  / 5
I thought this was pretty cool, fun to just mess around with the buttons without knowing what they do.
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Nov 28 2013
  3  / 5
Не впечатлил меня этот плагин. Функционал довольно ограничен, даже несмотря на некоторые фишки, хотя в 8-bit ему может найтись достойное применение. Конечно, внешний вид оригинален, но если не брать его в счёт, то этот синтезатор запросто можно поставить в ряд с тысячами таких же пищалок (но если вам нужна именно простейшая пищалка, то этот синт вполне себя оправдает).
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Nov 26 2013
  ?  / 5
Don't waste your time.
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