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Piglette - Fuzz
Piglette is a fuzz-circuit unit.

It's very nasty. Allthough it can sound sweet on some instruments, most of the time it's just awfull. A lot of time was spend tweaking it to perfection & this is definately the best version. It's just a matter of finding the right moment to use it...

Allthough this is a rather extreme effect, it can also be used as some sorth of enhancer or subtle booster. With the fuzz-knob fully down & the octavia off, the beef & bias controls can do some interesting tone-shaping...
  • FUZZ: is fuzz...
  • BEEF: increases the gain in a wide frequency-range.
  • SCOPE: visualization of how the piglette (yellow) affects the input-signal (green).
  • OCTAVIA: rectifies the signal, creating distorted upper-harmonics.
  • PRE/POST: places the octavia effect before or after the fuzz-engine.
  • The little white screw left to the on/off switch is a BIAS control. Lowering it will make the effect sound more thin.

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Sept 25 2019
  Bill Miles
  4  / 5
Rating this as 'Awfull' most of the time does not create interest at least for me
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