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RD-19 Drum Module
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RD-19 Drum Module - Analog drum module
RD-19 Drum Module is a drum synth that can deliver almost any classic analog drum sound as well as many new sounds too.

The architecture is unique so your sounds can be too.

RD-19 features two synth lines with full Waveform+Noise choices. Both lines are fed through a character EQ, Filter & Drive.

RD-19 is built to excel in a modular format (or one instance per Track) like Reason 11.

(1.6 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Nov 29 2019
  4  / 5
Nice plugin, but named RD19? Behringer's taking over! :)
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Oct 30 2019
  Papa Jim
  5  / 5
Very cool thank you!
Nov 04 2019
Thanks :-)
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    RD-19 Drum Module
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