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RJU-60 - Juno-60 emulation
RJU-60 is a Roland Juno-60 emulation.
  • DCO / VCA / VCF / LFO.
  • Envelope generator.
  • Low pass filter.
  • High pass filter.
  • Chorus.
  • Unison / detune.
  • Arpeggiator.

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May 27 2014
  5  / 5
That big maroon box reminds so much of my Juno60 that my retarded room mate put out with the trash because he said that my casio sa20 had 99 sounds on it and it was lighter.
Sept 14 2014
OH MY GOD! I had to read that twice to be sure of the degree of stupid...
Crispy B.
May 07 2017
Same! Damn, what a waste...
confused by the above...
Mar 23 2018
This guy ought to call himself WTF, not FTW. Cuz that's what everybody says to themselves when they read his comment!
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