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RMI-EP - Electra Piano emulation
RMI-EP reproduces the vintage analog electronic piano from US manufacturer, Rocky Mount Instruments Electra Piano, produced from 1967 until 1980.

The sound engine of the RMI-EP is a software emulation of the real analog oscillators and filters used inside the original instrument. The RMI-EP implements the same presets and controls that you can find in the real instrument. Furthermore there is also a effect sections that includes Reverb, Phaser and Chorus.

Any configuration of the electric piano is storable in up to 128 programs and can be reloaded through midi program change. All the controls can be handled through midi control change messages

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  V 1.01


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Jan 01 2017
  1  / 5
yYou start playing and then from the middle of nowhere the vst stops working, the midi signal is still working but the vst doesn't create sound.
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Dec 21 2016
  5  / 5
Sounds so good.
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Nov 16 2016
  ?  / 5
Have had over 40 years of trouble free enjoyment with my RMI-EP and matching Nomad amp. We are both getting much older but the music keeps me feeling like I'm in my teens again. Thanks RMI people.
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Sept 26 2016
  Nice sound
  5  / 5
Lots of variation quickly!
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Sept 06 2016
  5  / 5
Very early genesis.
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