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Radio Fx
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Radio Fx - Radio tuner simulator
Radio Fx is a radio tuner simulator.

Place up to 8 wav samples and turn the tuner knob to hear them play one after the other, simulating the transition between channels.

(5.4 Mb)
  V 0.6e


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Sept 26 2016
  Piano Lover
  ?  / 5
does anyone know how to get this to record? I have set up 8 wav files in the VST, I can move the dial and get the changing radio static sound and choose each wav file in turn. HOWEVER, it does not record the 'action" - it records nothing. Is it because I am using Reaper 64-bit and Windows 64-bit? The VST works great, except it did not record the 'action" (by that I mean the radio noise and wav files heard as i move the dial around).
Jun 05 2017
You must record modulation wheel.
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Sept 20 2016
  3  / 5
Very Goood!
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May 04 2016
  5  / 5
Works great!
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Nov 24 2014
  3  / 5
Sounds quite real, more like a very old radio, this kinda plugin is somewhat rare to find. Wish there's an option to use it as an audio processing plugin, not just as a "media player" plugin.
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