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Rolend SH-75
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Rolend SH-75 - Roland SH-7 / 5 emulation
Rolend SH-75 is a Roland SH-7 / SH-5 emulation.

This emulation is inspired by the real units circuits but is not aiming to sound accurate to the hardware synths. No presets just like the real thing.

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Sept 05 2018
  5  / 5
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Oct 12 2017
  Karl GC
  ?  / 5
Only the interface already gives me goosebumps and brings me back to the early 80s. Roland's SH-5 and SH-7 are out of most people's budget nowadays (around 5000 USD on Ebay for the SH-7), so this is a fantastic gift. Plus, it's polyphonic. The original SH-7 was duophonic. And you can save presets, one thousand or more if you like.
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    Rolend SH-75
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