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RubyTube - Tube preamp
RubyTube simulates tube preamps for those that can’t forget.

If you are missing that subtle sparkling and compression that you get when using ancient audio equipment, RubyTube might be something for you. And like many other good things in life, RubyTube is free.

RubyTube is a real time, digital tube amp simulator. RubyTube simulates the saturation effect that can be found in audio equipment with vacuum tubes. This effect is usually hardly noticable but it is responsible for the classic tube sound. Sometimes its just a sparkle on the voice and a slight compression of drums and bass that makes the difference between a neutral recording and a warm and full sounding song.

Simulating tube sound with non-tube equipment is difficult but it is possible. RubyTube is not the first such simulator but compared to other tube simulators and distortion units, RubyTube has a very high resolution and a well-balanced spectrum of harmonic distortion.

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Jul 14 2017
  5  / 5
Good for boosting guitars.
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Sept 07 2015
  4  / 5
***** bcs it's pretty and sounds ***** thanks :)
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Jul 16 2015
  4  / 5
Love this one, expecially the slightly sparkle setting, just makes it all sound so pretty!... just right good plug in it's a must have for any studio
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Sept 14 2014
  fl user
  5  / 5
I think it is a great and work like PSP VintageWarmer2 but act like mono audio tracks. Great plug-in and free.
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