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SHB-1 - Bass tube amplifier
The SHB-1 is a digital emulation of a tube amplifier for bass.

It has been developed to accurately model its real harware counterpart, built for Subhuman bassist Federico Fulceri by Ignite Amps, in 2012. From well fat and round tones for blues, to very tight and focused funky sounds, up to all out distorted, jackhammer-like poundings for modern metal, paired with the proper cab, the SHB-1 can cover them all and then some.

Every single component on the signal path of the real analog circuit has been took into account and modeled in the best possible way to match the original sound, keeping an eye to CPU performances and real-time playability at the same time.
  • Dynamic 12AX7 / ECC83 coupled triode stages analog modeling.
  • Mono / Stereo processing support.
  • Selectable oversampling rate (up to 8x).
  • Global input / output level controls.
  • Double precision (64 bit) floating point mathematical model.
  • Fully automatable controls.
  • Zero latency.

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Sept 16 2017
  Enormous CPU load
  3  / 5
It sounds very good on the bassline, but instantly causing underruns and makes cracking and popping sounds. I disabled this plugin -> CPU load went down.
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Aug 05 2016
  4  / 5
This is a great bass amphead sim, amazing it's actually free! Remember it's only an amp and not a combo or cab so you'll need a cabinet simulator or impulse loader after this in the processing chain, otherwise it won't sound right.
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Aug 12 2015
  edward fynn
  ?  / 5
Nice look, will like it. Thankx.
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May 03 2015
  5  / 5
I use this thing mixed about 40% with my drum bus, before eq and compressor, and it sounds pretty cool.
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