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SK-crooner - Vocal synth
SK-crooner is a vocal synth based on the 8-bit “human voice” patch from the Casio SK-1.
  • Two separate modes: Original (modeled after the Casio SK-1) and Tone held (for long notes)
  • ADSR Amplitude Envelope
  • Vibrato with Rate and Depth
  • Filter control with Frequency and Resonance
  • Sample Rate and Bit Depth Crush
  • Variable Portamento
  • Master Volume Level
  • Reverb with Size, Depth and Width Control

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May 29 2019
  4  / 5
I honestly love this synth's sound, all nasally and kinda trapped in its own warbly world. It's not super versatile but if you're looking for a lead to spice up an upbeat track I'd instantly go for this one.
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Oct 01 2018
  4  / 5
Fine program !
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Feb 20 2015
  Johan Brodd
  3  / 5
Let's be honnest here. This is an one trick pony. No more no less. This ain't a bad thing, but the interface must be reworked so it doesn't remind Casio's lawyers about their old synth. I saw a Juno106 imitation and a Korg MS20 imitation got removed from the Internet because of they used the similar fonts and looks as the original synth. Apart from this little complaint this is a great synth.
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Jun 07 2009
  1  / 5
Needs some work...
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