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SL532 - Console EQ
SL532 is based off of the standard console EQ module found on a “5000 series” modern console.

The SL532 provides the features found on the original hardware.  This 3-band EQ is perfect for shaping sounds quickly in your mix.  It also includes a “color” circuit that when activated adds a bit of color to the sound that adds an vintage analog feel.
  • 3-band EQ based off of a modern console.
  • Fixed 150Hz low shelf filter, variable mid-band from 80Hz to 8KHz, and selectable 8KHz or 16KHz high shelf filter.
  • Color circuit that adds an vintage analog feel.
  • Selectable High Pass Filter.
  • Very CPU efficient.

(2.8 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Jun 05 2017
  5  / 5
these plugs can be used for any task starting with single channle edits and finishing with master ... i pwersonally chose to use it for guitar and bass channels...mastering is little tricky...but hey, HUGE TNX to develpoers and to the person who runs this AMAZING SITE <3 Best Wishes <3
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May 02 2017
  5  / 5
Muito bom..
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Apr 16 2017
  the shreddie
  ?  / 5
Nice eq filter, not sure if it has random spikes which causes the master channel to surge way into the red causing bad noise and clipping.. could be pilot error, but it's the only filter that does it.
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