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Sahulo - Step filter
Sahulo uses 2 sample & hold LFO's to create stereo random filter steps.
  • RATE: sets the speed of the random filter changes.
  • RANGE: range of difference between the filter steps.
  • FREQ: sets the area of frequency where the filter will change your tone.
  • RES: Resonance of the filter.
  • LO-HI: selects between lowpass or highpass filter effects.
  • INTENSITY: dry/wet mix.

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  V 1.0


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Dec 12 2014
  Andrew Jeffries
  5  / 5
Another fun VST from Shuttleplug! Used it in my VST test youtube video. Search for Andrew Jeffries Mixcraft on youtube and the filter is the last in the video. Thanks, Shuttleplug!
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