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Smash Pro - Spectral processor
Smash Pro is a spectral processor.

Smash Pro provides extensive control to create a fat and warm sound. Compression, harmonic excitation and equalization processes can be carefully controlled as a function of frequency by simply drawing (discretized) frequency curves.

Smash Pro is based on an innovative signal decomposition that allows extremely accurate analysis and modification of audio signals. During processing, the input signals are up to 40 times oversampled to allow detailed simulation of non-linear processes. This results in a very distinct and unique sound character.

Due to its flexibility, Smash Pro can be used for a broad range of processing applications, such as dynamic equalization, de-essing, enriching harmonic content within certain frequency ranges, multi-band distortion, New-York style compression, and alike.

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  V 1.0.1


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Aug 30 2017
  ?  / 5
One of the best free plugins on the market currently, I recommend it to all the world, Thanks
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May 12 2017
  5  / 5
"Smash" est un outil très puissant et versatile. Il peut devenir un outil très efficace. Pour moi, c'est vraiment un plugin gratuit indispensable même si la prise en main n'est pas forçemment facile. Un "MUST". Merci M. Breebaart.
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Oct 17 2016
  4  / 5
Uno de mis excitadores de armónicos favoritos. A la altura de los plugins más caros. Un sonido y posibilidades increíbles. Como compresor multibanda, como ecualizador dinámico, como excitador. Es increíble que se haya utilizado tan poco, incluso siendo gratis...
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Jan 02 2016
  Guacharaca DJ
  5  / 5
Muy buen compresor multicanal.
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Nov 18 2014
  4  / 5
Interesting but very cpu consuming.
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