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Spectror - Spectral tool
Spectror is a spectral tool.

Not based as usualy on a FFT engine, Spectror emulate an analog gear. The core of one band is architetured like this : BPF->Peak Follower->VCO / VCA.

4 LFO and some other modulators permitting to bend the stream through a matrix . A filter and a delay unit refine the final signal. Mono input, stereo output.

  • Waveform Shape.
  • Shift: Global Frequencies Shift (%).
  • REL: Global Release Length (%).
  • BW: Global BandWidth.
  • Patern/Presets: 16 memory.
  • Patern/Time: transition (ms).
  • Patern/Scan: inter band delay when modulated.

  • SPEED: 3 speed mode : BPM, BPM Host, Hz (the "hints" on text field indicate time in ms).
  • STEPS: add steps.

  • RATE: DENSITY or Speed (Hz).
  • NOISE/PARAM= smooth.
  • S&H/PARAM= smooth.
  • SPRING/PARAM= Hz modulated by DNST.

  • 24dB LP, HP, BP.
  • CUT: Cut-off.
  • RES: resonance.

MATRIX: all input signal are positive.

(2 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Feb 19 2020
  ?  / 5
Some seriously musical mangling possible. Interface is a work of art too. Re: the other comment here, Spectror works on both stereo channels equally it seems. Dial in the texture with your DAW's wet/dry controls. This baby is weaponized.
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Feb 26 2017
  ?  / 5
The problem with this that it is mono. So you will have to make manual separation between channels if you want to use this to add some things as a texture to your sound.
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