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Steam - Wavetable synth
Steam uses prepared wav files in a similar manner to some Waldorf and Ensoniq synthesizers.

I have been told that the header data for the wav files is written incorrectly (perhaps due to the free wav editor I used) which produces clicks during modulation. I would prefer not to offer this VST, for some reason it seems to be popular.

To make Steam work, you MUST download Steamwaves and place the wavefiles into the "steam" folder that contains the "steam.txt" file, this is created automatically at first run. But, depending your system, this might not work, you'll have then to edit this txt file by putting by hand the waves locations like this  "..steamsteam00.wav; "... Worth a try !


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Oct 14 2014
  5  / 5
Great Unique synthesizer.. this was a bit tricky to setup correct: when i first opened the plugin and closed it again, it createtd the empty steam.txt in the steam subfolder, wich also contains the *.sem autogenerated files and should contain the all the 99 steamwaves. the steam.txt must be edited by hand to: steam00.wav; steam01.wav; steam02.wav; steam03.wav; ... steam99.wav;
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Nov 15 2013
  ?  / 5
I downloaded the VST and the wavefiles, but for some reason there's no .txt file and won't really work because of that.
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Jun 22 2010
  4  / 5
Works fine. Make sure you download the wavetables. This synth gives you some pretty cool results.
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Nov 06 2009
  ?  / 5
I'm the first and the last to download this VST despite the guy saying it's popular. Doesn't actually Work!
May 23 2010
Ah, man! You can't use a wavetable synth without the wavetables. Download them (and put them in the correct folder). This synth is pretty awesome i'd say. Rurik's (xoxos') plugs are jewels!
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