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Swierk - 3 osc subtractive synth
Świerk is a relatively straight forward subtractive synthesizer with familiar sound generators, controls, routing, look and feel.
  • 4 sound generators: 2 oscillators with 3 different selectable waveforms, a sub oscillator and a noise generator.
  • 6 internal modulation sources can be routed via any of the 12 modulation slots to a choice of  20 destinations, providing as much control as possible to get the best results out of the 2 onboard low frequency oscillators.
  • 2 simple ADSR envelopes and 8 stage envelope generator give users the ability to create a wide range of sounds.
  • The external matrix is where users can route midi controls such as pitch wheel, mod wheel and velocity to 37 different destinations in any of the 8 modulation slots.
  • The preset manager allows for easy browser and file management of the 128 presets that come with Świerk. 50 of which have been created by several excellent sound designers. Soon we will have more presets from them available to download for free from the saltline preset page.

(5.6 Mb)
  V 1.1.2


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Feb 17 2019
  ?  / 5
Synthesizer is super:))) and polish programmers:)))) good work!!!
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Oct 07 2018
  ?  / 5
Just Super Cool!!, even more right before the Molot03 Compressor; The Triad would be amazing in a 64X version to work on Ableton Live!
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Mar 24 2015
  4  / 5
One of the best i'v ever seen :D .Czaderski!!! I ta nazwa :D
Jan 17 2017
Taa... Anglik tworzący VST o polskich nazwach... Sami swoi ;-)
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Feb 28 2015
  Smashed Transistors
  5  / 5
Works perfectly with vsthost and Reaper. Very low aliasing and CPU and great modulation capabilities ! Great synth.
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Sept 12 2013
  2  / 5
09/2013: Would be a okay plugin, but crashes in FLStudio 11 (had 3 instances running; after reloading all vsti messed up badly - no sound from 2 of the 3 instances, 1 played odd sound and FLStudio reacted with a long 5 second delay pressing play/pause) Hope this information can help to fix it.
Apr 08 2014
For synths that crash your DAW, sometimes these synths do that... so do the top dollar pro pluggies- Get the VST HOST here, a stand alone host, it has a WAV. recorder built into it, Record your riff parts as a individual wav file @ the bpm your song is played in, then TRANSFER into FL like you would loops, it may take bit more 'work' to be a recording artist, but hey it got done right??? You can adjust the dynamics with your tools like any other rendered file.
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