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Sxratch - Scratcher
Sxratch is a virtual Scratcher.

Filter section:
  • Resonance, High Freqs, Low Freqs.

Sensitivity section:
  • Start and End knobs: They set the range points where you want to scratch, useful to get more accurate scratching moves.
  • Accel: Acceleration or "torque" of the scratcher after you click then release over the scratching slider.
  • SMTH (Smoothing): Sets the smoothness of the scratch moves.

Main section:
  • VOL: Sets the main volume.
  • PITCH: Sets the "speed" of the "record" (RESET button to reset knob to original pitch).
  • REW: Plays the sound backwards.

File section:
  • FILE button: Click on it to load a *.wav file. (Sxratch works better with files shorter than 10 seconds).
  • Record button: It records the input signal, useful for live use, pick snippets from your band mates and scratch over that.

(2.7 Mb)
  V 2.1


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May 13 2019
  5  / 5
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Jul 01 2010
  2  / 5
I only go it to extract the scratch effect so i can scratch it with the Fl studio scratcher
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Mar 11 2009
  om shantie
  1  / 5
I don't like this tool, sounds "plastic"
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