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Synthetic - 4 osc analog synth
Synthetic is a 4 osc analog synth.
  • Group Oscillator System: Synthetic's oscillator system is made up of two groups: Group A and Group B. Each group consists of two oscillators, a filter, and an amp envelope. The oscillators have seven different waveforms to choose from: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, Noise, Supersaw, & Tri-Sine. The filters have five different types to choose from: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, & Peaking.
  • Built-in Effects: Synthetic includes five built-in effects: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Distortion, and a Stereoizer. All of which are essential effects to make some cool sounds.
  • TranceGate: Synthetic has a built-in sixteen step stereo TranceGate with adjustable speed, contour, & mix. Just create a pattern by toggling the LED buttons and enjoy the sound.
  • Parameter Modulation: Modulate 20+ different parameters with two LFOs & four envelopes. The LFOs have adjustable speed and depth, as well as four different waveforms: Sine, Saw, Triangle, & Square.
  • MIDI Learning- Easily link your MIDI hardware to Synthetic with just a few clicks with the MIDI learn system.
  • Voice Control: Control how many voices you want from 1, 4, 8, 12, or 16. This way, you get to choose the number of voices you want and need, while saving CPU usage from unneeded voices.
  • Factory Sounds: Synthetic comes preloaded with 128 presets, including Basses, Leads, Pads, Strings, & more. You can also import and export your own presets & banks.

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  V 1.1.4


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Dec 08 2016
  Guacharaca DJ
  4  / 5
De fácil manejo, sonido limpio, bien diseñado y muy practico
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Nov 30 2016
  Nemanja St 1
  5  / 5
This is not (one of) the best, this (analog) synth has everything you need if you're interested in music. You can learn basics of production and mixing music.
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Nov 03 2016
  Tom Berx
  ?  / 5
Best Free VST ever!
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Aug 07 2016
  5  / 5
Great synth!
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Jul 06 2016
  5  / 5
One of the best VSTs I ever had!
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Jun 17 2016
  5  / 5
I really like the unique sound of it.
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Jan 19 2016
  5  / 5
Good Synth
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