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Tamla Head - Guitar amp head
Tamla Head is a classic hybrid guitar amp head designed to play Funk.

Tamla Head is inspired by Motown Records The Funk Brothers (who, if you don't know the name, you would have undoubtedly heard play on a record as they are arguably one of the most important bands, session or otherwise, in music history). AcmeBarGig could not find any reference to the amps these guys used - it turns out they didn't tend to record with an amp, they went direct into the board. Tamla Head is a model of what those guitars would sound like into sound boards of that period (the Sixties). AcmeBarGig added an extra gain section just to make sure that Tamla was good for other uses as well. But it is, for the most part, true to its Motown roots.

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Jul 25 2018
  I tried
  5  / 5
Works for me. Low CPU, plenty of warmth and edge.
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