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The scrooo - Spectral formant synthesis
The scrooo is a VST2.4 polyphonic software synthesizer.

It is based on a spectral formant synthesis architecture and written in native C++ code for high performance.
  • Up to 32 voices polyphony including portamento.
  • Two band-limited carrier oscillators.
  • Three fully independent formant generator sections.
  • Three formant generation modes.
  • Two amplifiers with volume and panorama control.
  • Three envelopes (ADSR) with exponential slopes.
  • Three low frequency oscillators (LFOs) with tempo synchronization.

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  V 1.1
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  V 1.1


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Jan 06 2017
  3  / 5
You can get some good sounds out of this with programming, kind of unpredictable though. Automation has led to some speaker and ear blowing noise that really shouldn't have happened. Use a Limiter or compresser on this always.
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Nov 05 2015
  3  / 5
An average freeware synth, a few sounds might appeal to you.
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Dec 05 2011
  ?  / 5
A variation of Blooo. Still sounds good, but the controls are a bit different. Low CPU.
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