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Throat Singing
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Throat Singing - Throat singing simulator
Throat singing is a type of overtone singing in which a singer manipulates the harmonic resonances created as air travels from the lungs, past the vocal folds, and out the lips.
  • Tone selection (various Kargyraa and Khoomei)
  • Pitch control
  • Stereo control
  • Harmonic Intensity control
  • Mute button for Khoomei sound (overtone harmonics remain)
This VSTi does not have a GUI so it will use you hosts default GUI.

(4.5 Mb)


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Oct 22 2018
  1  / 5
There is no change in tone no matter what notes are played. Useless.
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Sept 11 2016
  0  / 5
This is a really badly made vst. Take some samples from who knows where and loop them with little to no crossfading and you've got this. Don't even bother downloading it.
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Oct 19 2012
  5  / 5
This delivers exactly what it promises. Truly an annoying sound. Wait, I mean awesome.
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