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Tomato preamp - Dual triode tube preamp
Tomato reproduce a simple vacuum-tube preamp with two triode vacuum tube designed to produce wedge and overdrive circuit.

Tomato preamp was invented 10 years ago by Igor Shayev from Lithuania. Tomato is a circuit diagram for the novice vacuum tube devices collector. Tomato has no timbre, it is desirable to put an equalizer in the effects chain. Tomato can also be used as heaters.

Tomato vst can simulate the work of tube stages in real time at a high quality level by simulating the physical processes that occur in electrical circuits.

Technical remark : when there is excessive input, Tomato can enter into an unpredictable state, the signal from the plug disappears. Clicking on any of the switches (Oversampling, switch the lamp model or voltage) to resume the signal, or clicik play in your DAW.

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Oct 01 2014
  Ryan Hernandez
  4  / 5
I Like it for warming up my vox. Thank you
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