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VeeSatEQ - Multi band tube saturator / de-mudder
VeeSatEQ is a combination of EQ filters, distortion, tube saturation and a limiter.

It is used to change/colour/saturate sounds in a unique way. The starting point is the default setting.

EQ consists of a low shelf , a bell and a high shelf filter, set at approx. 150 Hz, 1250 Hz and 6800 Hz. You can boost or cut those frequencies with the CLEAN knobs (boost clockwise, attenuation counter-clockwise).

Distortion and tube saturation algorithms are operated with SAT knobs. Each EQ band (low, mid, high) can be saturated/overdriven independently.

There is a limiter placed after EQ/saturation modules (20:1) to tame the energy. Also, there is an additional protection built in, which makes it impossible to exceed 0dBFS. In other words - you can play safely with knobs. :) Playing with knobs configurations and using your ears is
highly recommended. The plugin can produce unexpected results, the internal algorithms interact with each other like in analog gear (for instance, at some specific settings boosting the output can attenuate low end!). Experiment and have fun!

The volume slider to the right allows you to set the output gain.

(1.7 Mb)
  V 1.16


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Mar 15 2017
  4  / 5
It's awesome, it fixes everything, that is wrong with my mix, but it should have a "mix" knob, 'cause it sounds the best at about 25% wet
Viper ITB
Mar 25 2017
Thank you very much for your suggestion, I will add that functionality in the nearest update!
Nov 08 2017
I agree, it needs a mix knob. Hard to tell how the audio sounds without being able to mix it in.
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