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ring thing - Ring modulation / LFO
ring thing is a multi-flavour ring modulator, with frequency and mix level controlled by an XY pad and each axis modulated by it's own tempo-sync LFO.

The modulation in both axes is shown graphically on the XY pad.
  • 9 flavours of ring modulation, each with a different tonal quality.
  • 11 ring modulation waveforms.
  • XY pad controls modulation frequency and wet/dry mix level.
  • Each axis can be modulated by it's own tempo-sync LFO with depth control.
  • 7 LFO waveforms including random.
  • Each LFO can be damped and inverted.
  • Graphical display of modulation on the XY pad.
  • LFO's can be asyncronised to add further complexity to the modulation.
  • All controls have midi CC and midi learn support.

(1.2 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Oct 27 2019
  5  / 5
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Mar 06 2019
  3  / 5
GOOD ENOUGH SOUND MORPHING RING MODULATION PANNER, easy to use, dont know why it got no stars, so I added 3 to it, very interesting tool for me
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