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Brackenbury Tube Amplifier - Amp simulator
Brackenbury Amplifier is based on The Brackenbury-1 Tube Amplifier designed in the early 90's.

Featuring most controls found on regular amplifiers, the Brackenbury Amp also features a unique sweepable EQ system, to create interesting new sounds. The Brackenbury Amp also comes with a collection of great presets, with everything from Seventies acid-rock sounds to clean Jazz guitar.
  • sweepable EQ
  • drive
  • volume
  • delay

(1.5 Mb)


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Jun 21 2013
  3  / 5
best jazz amp
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Apr 03 2013
  Mic Raygun
  5  / 5
Beatiful and loud!
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Jul 19 2009
  5  / 5
Easy to use; great presets as well. Would like a cab emulator (use juicy 77 on top -sweet)
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