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Compressor AC1 - Compressor
The Audiocation Compressor AC1 was developed by specialists.

It provides high-speed response times (attack time 10 µs – 500 ms, release 50µs – 2 s) and an input with analog transformer simulation. The fast control response times allow for subtly distorted sounds as well as strongly distorted sound effects.

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Dec 14 2015
  vst searcher
  5  / 5
It has all the basic settings I want in a compressor and sounds good. Thank you Audiocation!
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Dec 23 2013
  Christian Schroer
  5  / 5
I can't tell you how much I appreciate people and companies who offer a great freeware like this AND encourage distribution. I just downloaded it and have only used it on one sample but the results were great. Includes an installer that made using the plugin as easy as clicking install. It even installed to my VST directory by default!!! I'll definitely give this author a 5 star rating and follow up with a more comprehensive and in depth review of the plugin once I can give you more feedback. Thanks to Christian W Budde and whoever else contributed!!
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Apr 22 2013
  groove cat
  ?  / 5
This is a great plugin. If your new to Comping this is great to learn. If i had money I would give these guys a big donation.
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