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Freeverb3 - Reverb DSP package
Freeverb3 is a package of VST DSP effect plugins utilizing the Freeverb3 signal processing library.

This package includes many types of audio processing effects. Multiple types of high quality mono and stereo reverb effects, an multi slot impulse response convolution processor, multiband stereo compressor and limiter and stereo enhancers are available.

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  V 3.1.1
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  V 3.1.1
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  V 3.1.1


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Dec 18 2016
  0  / 5
Horrible and confusing controls make it difficult to achieve intelligent settings. Far too geeky. Too many of the presets are harsh.
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Jul 12 2015
  5  / 5
Really nice reverb! Keep the good work up!
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Jun 25 2015
  ?  / 5
Really beautiful sounding reverb and lot of nice extra goodies in the package! But it would be nice to know what all the secret code is on the controls. User guide would be nice. Links in Readme file are dead.
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Aug 19 2014
  Carlos Santos
  5  / 5
Great Reverb. I believe to be the best Free reverb plugin available now. You should try it !
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