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MQ57 - Parametric mastering EQ
MQ57 is a parametric equalizer designed for mastering.

It is powerful, but quite easy to use after you understand what each knob and button does, so learning curve should be very mild for everyone who grasps basic principles of equalization. The main difference from other, standard EQs is that MQ57 has all controls and functions optimized for mastering needs, i.e., it has relatively wide Q factors that focus on overall balance rather than narrow cuts and boosts, moderate gain ranges for fine-tuning and functions such as channel balance and spectrum tilting. There is no hidden processing going on underneath it’s surface – what you see is what you get. 
  • 7 parametric minimum-phase filters per channel, 5 of them are peak, 2 are shelf.
  • Functions and ranges optimized for subtle equalization tasks.
  • Stereo and dual-mono operating modes, either Mid/Side or Left/Right.
  • High-pass and low-pass filters for spectrum edges.
  • Specialized balance and tilt controls.
  • 32-bit internal precision with zero latency and low CPU consumption.
  • No introduced harmonic or dynamic distortion.

(2.8 Mb)
  V 1.5


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Mar 04 2016
  5  / 5
Very good. But still didn't get how it works 100%..
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Apr 06 2014
  5  / 5
Gotta try this one ... really cool mastering eq
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