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Micro Modular - Modular synth
This synth is capable of creating some nice analog type sounds.

It includes a Mod Matrix and Chrorus, Delay and Arp controls.  There are only 16 presets included with Micro Modular but the layout of this synth is pretty intuitive and it should take little time coming up with a bunch of nice presets yourself.

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  V 1.0


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Sept 02 2016
  5  / 5
Very nice with low cpu usage.
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Feb 03 2016
  2  / 5
A 'matricial' non-modular synth with a properly structured GUI. Might be helpful in order to learn signal routing before transitioning to real modulars like Sonigen, XSRDO & Kamiooka, specially if you want a 'safer' environment to experiment with.
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Feb 17 2013
  4  / 5
+ Nice Sounds. + CPU usage is very slow ;) - Values only range from 00 to 60 with hearable steps (at least within the filters).
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Mar 16 2012
  5  / 5
Not so bad, good electrosound.This thing may be very interestig for experiments. I use it time to time.
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