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Noisebud Binvert - Signal splitter
Noisebud Binvert takes the signal and splits in into two bands (split point is adjustable between 20-400Hz).

After the split we put in a phase invert for both bands so you can invert the polarity of the two bands independently from each other. Problem fixed, the bass is still heavy and the mid/high transients stay crisp.
But it is a Noisebud plugin so we couldn’t just make a boring tool, we attached a resonance control  to the filter that isn’t really supposed to be there at all but it’s fun. We use it to self oscillate at low frequencies so it becomes a bit of a bass-drum-low-frequency-replacer-plugin…

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Oct 27 2013
  4  / 5
Hell Yeah! I like big bottom and I cannot lie... It adds big bottom to your mix! And goes to the extreme, the "Ouch!" setting realy "Ouches". The only downside is that it's kinda addictive, so, don't let the kids use it ;-)
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Apr 27 2012
  5  / 5
Does what it says on the tin, and you'd be surprised at how useful this pony's trick is.. the fine folks at Noisebud can be proud of this one. Playing with this plug is fun, but lower your level way down beforehand, the "Ouch!" setting does not lie.
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