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TAL-Phaser - Multi stage phaser
TAL-Phaser is a carefully modelled stereo phaser effect.

The user can choose between two, four and six stages. It's possible to adjust the lowest and highest frequency of the filter.
  • Two, four and six stages
  • Syncable LFO
  • Lowest- and highest-frequency adjustable
  • Stereo phase offset from 0 to 180 degree
  • Feedback (a very small amount of second order distortion in the feedback path)
  • Adjustable Dry/Wet
  • Some default presets

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  V 1.0.0
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  V 1.0.0
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  V 1.0.0


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Apr 17 2018
  5  / 5
Simple and useful, i use it quite often with VST or real instruments like synths or guitars, works very well! Thx
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