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Tribe - Amp / IR pickup
Tribe is a clean amp / pickup simulator designed to give you pure, crystal clear clean tones, providing you with the perfect blank canvas to further sculpt your tone.

With the ability to load the impulse response file of your choice, Tribe is designed to give out a smooth stream of constant clean tone.
  • Ability to load external pickup/acoustic guitar impulses.
  • Includes 24 pickup models.
  • Has a powerful EQ, to allow you to sculpt your tone to suit your needs.
  • Includes a built-in stereo imager.

(1.5 Mb)
  V 1.04


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Aug 28 2019
  La Griff
  ?  / 5
Very good vst and close to real sound. I did test with a ' no name guitar' with very bad pickup and it work find. It is free so it is even more cool cause musicians all rich...
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Dec 22 2015
  5  / 5
This may be used on vocal track(s) ... pretty tool :) tnx
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