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ring thing - Ring modulation / LFO
ring thing is a multi-flavour ring modulator, with frequency and mix level controlled by an XY pad and each axis modulated by it's own tempo-sync LFO.

The modulation in both axes is shown graphically on the XY pad.
  • 9 flavours of ring modulation, each with a different tonal quality.
  • 11 ring modulation waveforms.
  • XY pad controls modulation frequency and wet/dry mix level.
  • Each axis can be modulated by it's own tempo-sync LFO with depth control.
  • 7 LFO waveforms including random.
  • Each LFO can be damped and inverted.
  • Graphical display of modulation on the XY pad.
  • LFO's can be asyncronised to add further complexity to the modulation.
  • All controls have midi CC and midi learn support.

(1.2 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Mar 31 2020
  3  / 5
Cool ignored little tool similar to the ringmod that was part of the now discontinued Reactor synth from nki. The LFO is only okay compared to something like TAL filter available free here, but what makes it real sweet is that it has MIDI out so you can use it to modulate other effects, making this a great XY Pad that you can load other instances of at once, making for some crazy fun. Not to say that as an LFO etc it is shabby at all. Just simple good.
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Oct 27 2019
  5  / 5
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Mar 06 2019
  3  / 5
GOOD ENOUGH SOUND MORPHING RING MODULATION PANNER, easy to use, dont know why it got no stars, so I added 3 to it, very interesting tool for me
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