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simpleTON II
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simpleTON II - Dual filter / distortion
simpleTON II is a dual filter and distortion.

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Mar 10 2020
  4  / 5
gotta try this sexy kitty with the guitar trax...so cute..yum yum :) thanks for sharing <3
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Dec 29 2017
  2  / 5
This one breaks my heart. The effect and controls are beautiful. However, for me it is hugely problematic with Reaper, causing lots of crashes. Most recently, it caused Reaper to crash whenever I simply tried to remove the effect or delete the track it was part of -- even trying to create a new file would cause the entire program to crash because SimpletonII was locking something up. In that case I had to just completely deleted the whole file from outside of Reaper and begin anew. I have to pitch this one permanently at this point, it's just too fussy and problematic, but if you don't have problems with it, the sound is fantastic.
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Oct 25 2017
  5  / 5
Hidden gem!!!
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